Young Entrepreneurs Network for the Mediterranean Africa and Middle East

  • Data: dal 25 febbraio 2010 al 26 febbraio 2010
  • Luogo: Viale dell’Astronomia 30, Roma
  • Organizzazione a cura di: Comitato Rapporti Internazionali GI

For thousands of years the populations of the Mediterranean, Africa and Middle East have interacted with each other, both on a social and on an economical level.

In the past few years there have been talks of reinforcing those relationships but until now, most of the actions that have been taken, have just scratched the surface and just few of all the involved stakeholders have benefited.

So how can the relationships among these countries be reinforced and how can we feed them with new contents and innovative ideas?

A Network, conceived and formed by Young Entrepreneurs.
A Network, which will allow its members to break the national and continental barriers and to benefit from the knowledge that each of them could offer.
A Network, which will become a reference platform for the dialogue among Young Entrepreneurs on Organization Models, Innovation, Internationalization, Relationship with Public Institutions and other entities.

The objective of the YE Network will be the promotion of young entrepreneurship in each country and the creation of synergies and partnerships among the YE associations in the target countries. The Network will encourage the sharing of organizational models and tools already used to support the Young Entrepreneurs in some Member States.
The strength of the Network will be the active participation of all its members guaranteed by a regular change of the origin of its representatives within the three areas, allowing each country to have a prominent role within the project.

Click here to downoload the Memorandum Of Understanding signed on february 26th 2010 in Rome.

For any further information please contact:
Cecilia Scaldaferri
Tel. 0039 065903671
[email protected]

Daniela Cannizzo Tel. 0039 065903556
[email protected]